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A & A Drilling and Blasting, Inc. strives for safety and customer satisfaction.                       Read below what our customers have to say:


Thanks again for such a great job in helping us remove those large rocks from our driveway.   The second shot was perfect too.   I appreciate your time and all the great work everyone put into the project.  It’s amazing how safe you made the entire process.    I’m not sure how many small projects you guys do like this but I was able to capture the events on our security camera.  In case you want to put something up on your website to show how amazingly small the “blast” is, I have two videos I can send you, very small, each showing the events in full color.  Please let me know if you would like me to email them to you.   

After talking with other homeowners about blasting, it’s very clear that we over-estimated how big the “blast” would be.  Every homeowner I spoke with thought it would be this Hiroshima sized blast with huge rocks raining down onto the house (I’m sure it could be like that if not done by pro’s). 

Our future projects next year in the back yard will definitely have your services help out.  

Anyway, thanks again for the GREAT work.  Please thank everyone involved for me.  

John Brogan